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X-ray of implanted coils, photo: Charité

Studies on the safety and effectiveness of the coil implantation method

The implantation of coils is a suitable therapeutical method for COPD patients with a severe emphysema and for patients with a severe pulmonary bleeding.

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How is a coil implantation performed, what does it achieve?

During this minimal-invasive endoscopic lung volume reduction procedure, approximately 5 - 15 coils per lobe are implanted into the damaged lung tissue. The coils give the lung region new flexibility and create more room for breathing.

Different studies prove the safety and effectiveness of this therapeutic method (Slebos et al. 2015; Deslee et al. 2014; Schmidt et al. 2005):

In these studies, COPD patients who underwent this treatment were examined by lung function testing (FEV1/RV), questionnaires and six-minute-walk test. The health status of the patients improved significantly. Next to that, an improvement of the life quality, the exercise capacity, and the lung function were examined. The patients still benefited from the positive effects twelve months after the treatment.

Literature on this topic

Further literature

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Diesen Artikel finden Sie hier bei NCBI.

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Diesen Artikel finden Sie hier bei NCBI.

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