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Malpighi Award

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Malpighi Award to Prof. Dr. Axel R. Pries

'European Society for Microcirculation' (ESM)

At the 26th Meeting of the European Society for Microcirculation (ESM) in October 2011 in Munich, Prof. Axel R. Pries was honored by the Malpighi Award of the society. The Malpighi Award is the most prestigious award of the ESM with a worldwide reputation. It recognizes scientists which stand out by their publications and scientific contributions, by their service to the entire field of microcirculatory and vascular biology research, and by their promotion of younger scientists.
A recent article in the Journal "Circulation" (Circulation 2010;122;f115-f120) states: "As a leading expert in vascular biology and microcirculation, Axel Pries, MD, PhD, FESC, head of the Institute for Physiology at Charité, Berlin, Germany and chair of the Council on Basic Cardiovascular Science of the European Society of Cardiology, is continually working with colleagues and collaborators to generate research that could lead to new therapeutic strategies. With key research interests that include rheology, vascular adaptation, endothelial cell biology, and tumour microcirculation, he is endeavouring to translate microcirculatory concepts to the clinical setting."

Malpighi Award 2011